BTS (방탄소년단) "BE-hind Story" Interview (+ENG/JPN/CHN)

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27 Şub 2021 tarihinde canlı yayın yapıldı




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DZENITA 1 ay önce
They ask each other better questions than when american interviewers ask them
Anime Bts
Anime Bts 5 gün önce
Someone tell suga we don’t care how long their songs are because the worst part of their song is that it ends 😂😂
Tanu 5 gün önce
BigHit and BTS got tired of being asked the same old nonsense questions at western interviews so they decided to make everyone interview each other for some quality questions and answers. I'm so so so grateful for this video.
Sonu kavz
Sonu kavz 1 gün önce
Bts interviewing eachother is much more exciting than those American interviews
Jj 3 gün önce
Jin's voice has been described by a vocal coach as "making you feel safe". Is there anything more than that?
paulina park
paulina park 1 ay önce
Kim Seokjin did not just say that his vocals aren’t emotional.... I did not spend hours crying over his solo songs, for him to slander his voice like that
Barbara Gagani
Barbara Gagani 2 hafta önce
Can someone go tell Jin that we L O V E his voice and that he needs be more confident about it?
D. Delgado
D. Delgado 2 hafta önce
Jin has one of the most emotional singing voices I've ever heard. His voice is beautiful.
esoes 1 gün önce
Haha Mio
Haha Mio 1 hafta önce
Jin do you know there’s thousands of people on this planet dies for your worm great vocals ok?
Mr. Carl Siacan
Mr. Carl Siacan 1 ay önce
Mr. Good
Mr. Good 2 hafta önce
Im not ARMY but i admire BTS n ARMY, they have made great history together.
Sugeiry Quinilla
Sugeiry Quinilla 1 gün önce
El jungkook esta...😳😋😏🤤🤤
Mochi Jimin
Mochi Jimin 2 hafta önce
Vamos armys, hagamoslos felices como podamos :').
Yshi Mono
Yshi Mono 2 hafta önce
I gotta love the interview’s of Yoongi and Taehyung.
Edits By Lisa
Edits By Lisa 1 ay önce (düzenlendi)
V to jhope
Josephine Tawk
Josephine Tawk 1 gün önce
Can someone tell Jin that his voice is very emotional and really really beautiful, it has its own color and makes it unique? And those belts that he can do are more than just powerful, you can feel them in your bones. Can someone tell him that he has one of the most beautiful souls and believe in himself and believe that has an amazing voice and a wide and powerful range and a unique character? I want to hug him and tell him that is he more than WWH, he is also a WWVocals and much much more. So please BigHitMusic and HYBE, please let Jin read articles about the critics that praised his amazing vocals, please let him react to that and see that his vocals are worthy of praise as much as the rest of the vocal line that all have unique voices, even the rap line. Please let Jin know how unique he is and how beautiful and emotional and powerful his voice is.
Jorge Zayas
Jorge Zayas 2 gün önce
Hola BTS los amo mucho lo lamento por todo lo q an pasando lo lamento v por los mensajes q te piden q te suicides lo lamento suga por las veces q te tuviste q dormir sin comer lo lamento jung kook por las críticas contra tu piele los amo con amor Agustina ♥️
Yesenia Ramirez orozco
Me han embrujado estos chicos tan talentosos, no paro de admirar todo lo que hacen.
Yshi Mono
Yshi Mono 2 hafta önce
I’m sorry but I can’t help but feel all giddy when Hoseok started getting shy when Tae praised him😳 they’re adorable
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