Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk
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22 Şub 2021




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Zach Houseknecht
Zach Houseknecht 5 gün önce
Goodbye to the legends.
Nightmare 7 saat önce
Imagine years later their grandchildren be finding some old dusty gold and silver helmet in the basement
gxrgoyle 6 saat önce
Nothing lasts forever, maybe this was their final message.
Br Br Deng
Br Br Deng 6 saat önce
Don't be sad because it is over, be happy because it happened.
Lucas Crispy
Lucas Crispy 5 saat önce
The greatest. They redefined a genre. They had the perfect story book ending. They rode off into the sunset as many greats never get the chance to do. Enjoy the sunset guys, meanwhile the rest of us around the world can enjoy your songs one more time. Thank you!
soundslikepizza 4 gün önce
You'll be missed legends, thank you for everything
NeverMind 5 saat önce (düzenlendi)
xXSilentAgent47Xx 8 saat önce
"When the time comes, you gotta run and don't look back. This is over." - Arthur Morgan
Aleksus 7 saat önce
after this they look more like humans less than true robots
Stoner Panda
Stoner Panda 5 saat önce
Why did it hit so hard. We know that everything comes to an end, but man this made me feel.
Dillon Francis
Dillon Francis 5 gün önce
Thank you for everything 🙏
anonymous girl
anonymous girl 5 saat önce
When your music is this timeless, it doesn't matter if you stop making new music. Their sound will live on and be just as relevant in 100+ years to come.
FUNNY MUMKEY 3 saat önce
"daddy, whats this cool helmet you have?" "oh just something between my and a friend, try it on!" "wow i look so cool!" "yes you do, just like we did."
HiperCubeIII 4 saat önce
Muchos años pasan... Daft Punk se despide... Adiós al mejor Dúo musical :(
Jose Carlos Godoy Velasco
Vaya, hace tan solo un año encontre este grupo musical a los 15 años, es el mejor que conoci, y ahora me entero de que llego a su fin, su música no sera olvidada. One more time!!!
We will miss you, always
THE GOAT 1 saat önce
Their name is Daft Punk, but everybody calls them a legend.
Reds Lyrics
Reds Lyrics 2 saat önce
I have never cried like this before,i'll miss your songs
Renegade 9 saat önce
"Our work is never over" does not hit quite the same anymore. You will be missed. Thank you wholeheartedly for the music that you gave life back to and all the memories.
DB's Cap Drive 4 saat önce
Unfortunately, the next generation won't know this golden duo and that's sad
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